STEM Exploration Week 2

This week of class was thrown off from my original plan, but I think that it worked out great. Especially looking back that as soon as the students started using the Raspberry Pi's and 3-D printer they would not have wanted to go back to work with anything else. 

Monday- The engagement piece was looking at the different uniforms for the World Cup, and how much of each uniform has sold. With that in mind we then watched the True Cost and students completed a worksheet that I found online. I find watching movies in class very difficult I grow very impatient if I don't feel like the students are paying attention. After about 45 minutes with lights off I could see the students getting sleepy, so we took a break discussed the first half of the film and then finished the rest. At the end of the film I asked students to write a reflection and share how they think they could change their own habits. 

Tuesday- The artificial intelligence stations were great! I don't have any changes to this lesson plan the students loved the stations and learning about AI. This could be an entire summer course itself 

Wednesday- The building challenge lesson students enjoyed getting to be creative and invent their own stadium, but overall I didn't see that students were being as over the top as I expected. They were really excited about the spaghetti challenge but it was cut short because the introduction took too long today. 

Thursday- Innevation, at UNR their is a center off campus that focuses on having hands-on tools for the community to use including vinyl cutters, laser cutting, and 3D printing. This center was an excellent addition as a field trip to support the engineering class work. 

Friday- I really wanted the students to get a better grasp on the spaghetti towers. This time I had them in the same groups but first reviewed engineering design, and then went much slower through the design requirements. The tallest tower my students were able to get was 19 inches. This took about an hour of class and the second half students started working on their formal research paper. Which they really struggled to pick a topic, so for Monday I made an extensive list of possibilities to get their ideas flowing.