STEM Exploration Week 1

The first week trying out the STEM curriculum went exceptionally well. A few overall classroom policies that I added were that each day to start the class there is an inspirational wall for the 22 days that we have class. I use this to shed light on certain students allowing them to choose which one to read for the day.  

Quote Wall


Monday- Students engaged in creating the class policies and the final rules that were decided on are in the picture below. The only rule that I added is that the students can't say that they are confused. I thought this was important to establish for the class since the curriculum will challenge them. On the first day we didn't get to the growth mindset activity. 

Class policies from high school students


Tuesday- I started with the Ted Talk on Casavva, which the students did not find interesting and it was hard to keep them paying attention, but overall I think that the message is important that they may find a niche place in an industry that fulfills their purpose. The students really enjoyed the video from vice, and they continued to reference the phages when I would ask them to recall what we were learning. 

Wednesday- The students in my course I originally thought that they would be older and have taken chemistry. These students were going into their sophomore year so they didn't have any lab experience. This day didn't go over well with giving them the lab procedure to rewrite. I scratched that during the lesson and demonstrated what the procedures would be and had them take notes. It took the entire 95 minute period to have the students observe make their stock solution and do one sample. 

Students in chemistry lab

Thursday- I created a handout for the students to go through the lab instead of having them write it in their own notebook. I had them write the procedures out for the lab, reviewed them with them and gave them a sticker before they could start the lab. At the start of class I gave points for whoever could provide procedural or equipment information. I also changed so that we would look at the amount of ascorbic acid in general instead of doing precise titration calculations. I really changed the focus of the lab to learning lab procedures over chemistry focus. 

Friday- Students worked on writing instead of completing a STEM review, I gave them options to write about how to get into a college or a career that they wanted.