This course was taught in 90 minute block periods. The lesson materials can be found through the links with each day, and the reflections published weekly after using the curriculum in the Blog section of the website. This curriculum is focused on the driving question, "What is STEM, and why so much talk about it?" This connects directly with the mission of the National Science Foundation.

To promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense; and for other purposes. NSF envisions a nation that capitalizes on new concepts in science and engineering and provides global leadership in advancing research and education

The goals of this course are that students will expand their understanding on the importance of STEM, students will be able to make connections to how STEM answers problems, and students will be able to explore a variety of STEM careers.

Syllabus, Supplies, and Rubrics for assignments

Day 1:  Student Introductions, Class Policy, Teacher Introductions, STEM intro

Day 2: Getting to the  World Cup, Introduction to bacteria and virus

Day 3 and 4 : Calculations/ Lab on Vitamin C (4) Wrap up Discussion write a conclusion discuss calculations on Vitamin C, Introduction to research and writing scientifically.  

Day 5: Kahoot, In class time on Project #1, due at the end of the period via email. 

Day 6: Introduction to engineering design, Building Challenge 

Day 7: Toothbrush Bots 

Day 8: Class Splits- Students are given a card with either a trophy or computer on it. Introduction is the same.      Raspberry Pi day 1- ideas on what the kit can do, checking in parts, introduction to Minecraft.   3D printing day 1- students will have time to work on their project for the course while I start the raspberry pi students. Then 3D printing will use the tutorials to complete an introductory activity and planning for their trophy 

Day : Raspberry Pi day 2- Students will complete a challenge from minecraft101, then they will have the rest of the period to work together or individually to build a world and complete the single player checklist. 3D printing day 2- Students are building their trophies. 

Day 9: Raspberry Pi day 3- Students will complete one of the building tutorials from T3 Alliance. 3D printing Day 3- Students will download their file and print them using the 3D printer. 

Day 10- Students will write a conclusion reflecting on their experiences using the Raspberry pi or 3D printing. Then they will switch to complete the other set of tasks. 

Day 11- same as day 8, Day 12 Same as day 9. 

Day 12- Catch up in-case Days 8-9 take longer, allow students to work on their project, STEM Career exploration.

Day 13- Artificial Intelligence discussion

Day 14- How Soccer uniforms have changed, viewing of the film "The True Cost" H.W. Reflection on the film and how they can change their behavior or how they already are supporting sustainable fashion.

Day 15 

Day 16 Class time to work on Presentations and have the papers reviewed

Day 17 Class time to work on Presentations and have papers reviewed

Day 18 - Presentations and Class Reflections are due