Discovery Museum 

These individual pieces of curriculum were created for the Reno Discovery Museum during an internship in Curriculum and Instruction. The challenge in creating curriculum for a museum is that each piece of content has to be engaging enough to get families and other educators to sign their children up to attend the event, class, or workshop. 

bees knees.jpg

The Bee's Knees

This activity is broken into two 50 minute lessons. The first lesson introduces students into the need for bees, the general decline of pollinating bees in the last 10-15 years, and an activity planting lavender and creating a bee watering station for their yard. The second lesson explores hives specifically geometric patterns in hives and the students create their own hive. Click here to open curriculum. 

Introduction to Natural Fabric and Dye 

This 50 minute lesson gets students thinking about the bags that they use and what they are made out of. It helps to build student knowledge on plastic bags, the difference between degradation, decomposition and biodegrade, as well as allows them to create their own natural cotton reusable tote dyed using rose petals, onion skins and madder. This is then left in the sunlight for several weeks before the students wash it to see their final result. click here to open curriculum.

birthday cake.jpg

Birthday Activity 

These are exceptional add on activities to use for a variety of different age groups that come to the discovery for their birthday. For older guests there is a straw rocket add on activity, younger students can build catapults and learn about their history, and for groups interested in cosmetics create their own beeswax lip balm. Click here to access these activities. 

Solar Racer 

This week long camp To access the curriculum click here